Fundo Regional para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Ponta Delgada, Portugal

FRCT is a Research and Technology Agency of the Regional Secretariat for Sea, Science and Technology (SRMCT), Regional Government of the Azores. FRCT coordinates and manages available external funds for the financing of Research, Technology and Innovation, covering projects and research grants. FRCT facilitates the link between Scientific and Technological System of the Azores entities (SCTA), in order to promote their participation and performance in European and International R&D+I calls. FRCT has a robust experience, participating and coordinating several international research projects, transnational cooperation actions and international networks, namely, MISTIC SEAS, MARINE-EO, WASTE, NETBIOME-CSA, BIODIVERSAS, and BEST.

In the development of the INDICIT project, FRCT counts with the collaboration and expertise of the IMAR team of researchers.



Maria Luz Paramio Martin

Francisco Pinto

Maria Vale

João Carvalho Lagoa (IMAR)

Christopher Pham (IMAR)

Frederic Vandeperre (IMAR)