INDICIT – Final Report – Aug 2019

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INDICIT – Pilot and feasibility studies for the implementation of litter impacts indicators in the MSFD and RSCs OSPAR-Macaronesia, HELCOM and Barcelona – Feb 2018

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INDICIT – Standard protocol Ingestion debris sea turtles – EN – Sept 2018

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INDICIT – Standard protocol Ingestion debris sea turtles – Observation sheet – EN – Sept 2018

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INDICIT Communication Final report

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INDICIT Dissemination Final report

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INDICIT Final report _ 6 pages summary

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INDICIT I (2017-2019)-Inception report

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INDICIT II – Inception Report – Implementation of the indicator “Impacts of marine litter on sea turtles and biota” in RSC and MSFD areas: Indicator Impact Taxa – Mar 2019

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INDICIT II Selection of pilot areas_D2.7

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INDICIT-II Midterm Meeting Agenda (14-15-16 January 2020)

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Mansui, J., Darmon, G., Ballerini, T., van Canneyt, O., Ourmieres, Y., Miaud, C.,Predicting marine litter accumulation patterns in the Mediterranean basin: spatio-temporal variability and comparison with empirical data, Progress in Oceanography (2020)

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Presentation INDICIT Objectives and results Dissemination meeting Athens

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Presentation ppt INDICIT Final meeting 2019

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Publication in “Environmental Pollution”: Two decades of monitoring in marine debris ingestion in loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta caretta, from the western Mediterranean

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Publication in “Marine Environmental Research”: Distribution and composition of floating macro litter off the Azores archipelago and Madeira (NE Atlantic) using opportunistic surveys

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Publication in “Marine Pollution Bulletin”: Plastic ingestion in loggerhead sea turtles off the North Atlantic subtropical gyre

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SPA/RAC-INDICIT Observation sheet

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