INDICIT II Itinerant Exhibition Azores

Date: 17/09/2021 (opening)

Locations & Timings: Still in the phase of establishing the contacts, but it is planned that the exhibition goes to several islands in the Azores archipelago, being displayed on Science Centres of the following islands – São Miguel (EXPOLAB), Terceira (OAA) & Faial (OMA), and in the Environmental Interpretation Centres of Flores and Santa Maria Islands. The following display times are being scoped – EXPOLAB (São Miguel: Sep’21-Mar’22 / 6 months), OAA (Terceira: Apr-Jun’22 / 3 months), OMA (Faial: Jul-Sep’22 / 3 months), Parque Natural Flores (Oct-Dec’22 / 3 months) & Parque Natural Santa Maria (Jan-Mar’23/ 3 months).

Objective: This exhibition intends to disseminate the results obtained in the scope of the INDICIT & INDICIT II projects, through a photographic exhibition created by the partner ISPRA. In the Azores archipelago, the exhibition opening will be integrated into a joint event with the Project “Blue Ocean: communicating to involve and educate”, which will be in a format of a debate on the importance of marine protected areas, involving researchers, fishermen and organizations linked to tourism, thus bringing together different visions in the same table. The opening of the INDICIT II itinerant exhibition will take place prior to the aforementioned debate, being open to the public and broadcasted online.

Target audience: Schools, Families & General public

Expectable Impact (nº visitants):  Santa Maria Island – 250pax / São Miguel Island – 2400pax / Terceira Island – 600pax / Faial Island – 500pax / Flores Island – 150pax