Last week (March 30, 2021) was held by videoconference the Meeting of the Ecosystem Approach Correspondence Group on Marine Litter Monitoring (CorMon Marine Litter).

The aim of this meeting was :

  1. To review the regional operational strategy for monitoring IMAP Candidate Indicator 24 prepared in collaboration with SPA/RAC;
  2. To address the interrelation of pressures impacts of marine litter and the status of marine ecosystem components as provided for from the methodology that has been developed in the framework of IMAP and the expert judgment received by several Contracting Parties after the CORMON Marine Litter Meeting in April 2019 (Podgorica, Montenegro); and
  3. To analyse the potential complementarities and synergies between IMAP and the European Commission new GES Decision (2017/848/EU) for marine litter.

Claude Miaud and Gaëlle Darmon (CEFE-EPHE PSL) participated in this meeting and presented INDICIT II project and more specifically the results of Activity 2: GES scenarios of Indicator “Litter ingested by sea turtles”, based on the +1000 of standard data collected during INDICIT and INDICIT II projects.