As part of the project INDICIT II partners have been analysing ingested from marine turtles.
Examples below:
1. A bycaught loggerhead sample analysed by UVEG. The turtle of the picture was captured by a trawler on  09/092019 20 nauthical miles off Altea (Alicante Province, East Spain). The turtle was LCC= 80 cm and weight= 69 Kg. This turtle had ingested 9.6g of plastic including bottle lids (pictured below) as well as more USE SHE and USE FRAG plastics.
2. A stranded loggerhead found on a beach in the northern part of Cyprus  on the 19/03/19 had ingested 4.8g of plastic. Of the 11 items some included food packets and even a Halloween costume witches finger! (pictured below)