Last week the INDICIT II partners attended a 3-day meeting (9th Р11th July 2019) in Monastir,Tunisia (hosted by Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer; INSTM) to discuss progress since the kick-off-meeting in Brussels 6 months ago, and propose actions for the next phase of the project. Topics of discussion included;

  • ACTIVITY 1: Management, coordination and communication
    • Summary of social media statistics and recording of Communication actions for report
  • ACTIVITY 2: Litter ingested by sea turtles
    • Progress update on Programme of Measures development
  • ACTIVITY 3: Entanglement in floating debris by sea turtles, birds and cetaceans
    • Workshop to develop protocol and create stakeholder list
  • ACTIVITY 4: Micro-debris ingested by fish
    • Workshop to develop protocol and plan pilot study
  • ACTIVITY 5: Synergies with other (inter)national programs
    • Partner input on list of relevant contacts for collaboration

There was also an opportunity to visit the local sea turtle rescue centre and watch a turtle, which was accidentally caught by fishers, being released. See Facebook for more photos –¬†