On 21st – 22nd May 2019, Gaëlle Darmon (EPHE) and Marco Matiddi (ISPRA) participated in the workshop on “monitoring and thresholds for MSFD marine litter impact criteria”, organized in Berlin by Stefanie Werner (Federal Agency of environment) and François Galgani (IFREMER).

The aim of the workshop was for experts and representatives of MSFD and the regional sea conventions to discuss the criteria for using marine litter impact indicators. The working group reviewed existing protocols and proposed new protocols for collecting data in a harmonized way. The thresholds below which debris are supposed to no longer cause damage to marine life, were also discussed.

INDICIT results were shared, as well as INDICIT-II perspectives for a better evaluation of impacts of litter ingestion on sea turtles’ health, as well as for developing specific indicators for entanglement and micro-plastic ingestion.