Claude Miaud and Gaëlle Darmon (CEFE-EPHE/CNRS) participated on the 21st Working Group on Good Environmental Status (GES) in Brussels, these last 19 and 20th March, with other projects funded under “DG ENV/MSFD Second Cycle” call: MISTIC SEAS 2, MEDCIS, SPICE, IDEM, QUIETMED, COHENET. Representatives of Member States, MSFD and Regional Sea Conventions of OSPAR, HELCOM and/or Barcelona discussed the final results of these projects, in regards to each of the 11 MSFD’s Descriptors, “Marine Litter” being the 10th of the list.


INDICIT project was presented, which highlighting the standard tools established in collaboration with stakeholders, such as the INDICIT standard protocol or the feasibility studies on litter impact indicators. The presentation also included GES proposals for Indicator “Litter ingestion by sea turtles”, based on the large number of standard data collected during the 2 years of the project.


The assembly discussed all projects’ results and made recommendations for stating the Good Environmental Status regarding each indicator’s progress.


INDICIT Final report, in which all detailed results will be presented, will be produced soon. This meeting was also the opportunity to present the objectives of INDICIT-II, which aims at reinforcing the networks and providing new tools for the implementation of the 3 litter impact indicators related to ingestion (micro and macro-litter) and entanglement.

Representatives of Member States, Marine Strategy Framework Directive and OSPAR, HELCOM and/or Barcelona Regional Sea Conventions discussed all projects’ results