On Friday 20th of October, 60 MedTurtle participants (including INDICIT represented by MNHN) headed the national park of Brijuni national park where they were welcomed by the manager and LIFE EuroTurtles project, a 5-year long collaborative project (September 2016 – August 2021), involving nine partners from six EU countries, aiming at improving the conservation status of loggerhead and green turtles in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea.

LIFE Euroturtle team explained the aims and current results of the project, as well as the work performed for designing new satellite tracks at reasonable cost and using the solar energywith local technical scientific institutions. One equipped turtle was then successfully released, after it stayed 2 months for rehabilitating in the pond dedicated to the last step of care. The attendees then moved to Pula where the turtle received the first cares, and they visited the rescue center facilities and met the rescue team.

The event was a good opportunity for INDICIT to strengthen ties with LIFE EuroTurtles in the perspective of developing synergies, since  the latter project is involved in ghost net cleaning, which may help to better identify entanglement risks localization and material, and also to improve the capacity of sea turtle rescue networks and the cooperation among beneficiaries, conservation organizations and competent authorities, which also meets INDICIT objectives.