On October 17th, 2018, INDICIT team co-animated with the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation (Greece) and Barcelona convention Specially Protected Areas Regional Activity Centre (Tunisia) one of the 6 workshops of the 6th MedTurtle conference. 95 participants attended the workshop, 15 Mediterranean countries and 5 non-Mediterranean countries were represented.

This conference, supported in particular by United Nations Mediterranean Action Plan and Bern convention, provided a good opportunity to meet all the sea turtle specialists of the Mediterranean region at a time.  The topic being this year “building synergies”, it was particularly suited for discussing one of the goals of INDICIT project: stimulating networking and disseminating the tools designed by the consortium for monitoring ingestion and entanglement of sea turtles in marine debris.

The rich agenda allowed to present the context of the marine debris monitoring needs, and the ongoing work on the topic around the basin, such as the Marine Litter Med Programme, MedSealitter and INDICIT projects and local initiatives (see attached agenda).  During the discussion, most of the attendees expressed a high interest in sharing their experience, in using a standard protocol and building further collaborations.

Six outcomes will be soon shared with the participants: i) a map and list of stakeholders involved or to be involved in monitoring, ii) the pdf presentations; iii) the existing protocols and links to download them, iv) a list of stakeholders using/wishing to use standard protocols, v) recommendations for further development including a list of needs for reinforcing capacities.

Workshop resources:


Several posters were also presented during the conference :


Oral presentation :