On September 19-20, INDICIT partners gathered in the Azores for a meetingĀ  for their final technical workshop before the final meeting of the project. The meeting was organized by INDICIT partner FRCT.

All partners reviewed and approved the data files, and considered new perspectives of data acquisition in the prospect of the final analysis and the production of final results of the projects.

They noted as well the progress made in the networking even outside the working area of the project, which will help to exchange of key information and share methodology.

Partners also discussed about their participation in international meetings in order to disseminate the project results : the Mediterranean Conference on Marine turtles in October where INDICIT will co-organize a workshop with RAC SPA, as well as the International Sea Turtle Symposium in February 2019 and worked on the agenda of INDICIT DIssemination meeting in Athens on December 4.