The World Oceans Day and the Marine Turtle World day were celebrated on June 30th in Tunisia in the occasion of INDICIT challenge. The event was organized by INDICIT partner INSTM with the collaboration of the SPA/RAC, APAL (Protection and management of the Littoral agency), NGB (NGO) and the Sfax Sciences Faculty, in the Kuriat islands, the main marine turtle nesting site in Tunisia. More than 50 persons participated, including 25 children.

An extensive program of awareness activities was planned, both on board and on the beach:
– Presentation of the problem of marine debris in the ocean and their impact on marine fauna
– Presentation of projects dealing with the issue in the Mediterranean: INDICIT and Marinelitter
– Reading of the INDICIT Turtle story
– Projection of a film on the issue
– Drawing and coloring session
– Release of a turtle rehabilitated in the rescue centre of Monastir
– Collection of plastic waste on the beach
– Opening of a nest to put a recording thermometer and explanation of the nesting phenomenon