In collaboration with the HCMR’s Education Unit, and at the occasion of the INDICIT challenge, INDICIT organized three awareness activities on the 1st, the 5th and the 8th of June 2018, in Anavyssos, Greece.

On June 1, 22 children from Anavyssos kindergarten visited HCMR and attended an educational program entitled “Free from Debris – the Turtle story”, which is part of the INDICIT challenge. The program was organized and presented by R. Andriopoulou and E. Ermidi, both members of the Education Unit. The activity started with the presentation of the turtle story in Greek, followed by a short discussion regarding the threats of the sea turtle and ended with the creation of a sea turtle from recycled plastics, such as caps of plastic bottles. The kids also made their own sea turtle by plastic bath sponge and cardboard and they wrote on paper some slogans for the protection of sea turtle from debris. Very excited from the whole experience, they promised that they will work for the protection of the sea turtle. The same program was presented in a second group of 20 children from a kindergarten in Anavyssos on June 8, with the same success.

INDICIT persons along with the Education group of HCMR were also invited to the premises of 1st Elementary school of Anavyssos on June 5, where 45 pupils of the first and the second grade attended the program. The kids, working in two teams, created two different sea turtles, one using various caps of plastic bottles and another one using different things that represented serious threats to the sea turtles like plastic bags, hooks, pieces of nets, plastic caps, etc. The program was much appreciated by the school teachers and the pupils.