The dissemination action INDICIT Challenge took place in the Azores at the Professional School of Horta on the Oceans Day (June 8, 2018), for 2 classes of 1st year students (ages 15-18, approximately 40 participants).

This action occurred under the umbrella of DRAM (Regional Directorate of the Maritime Affairs) 9th edition of the annual awareness campaign Azores Entre Mares 2018 , with the collaboration of the science centre OMA (Azores Ocean Observatory).

First, a presentation of the INDICIT project and its respective objectives was carried out by a FRCT/IMAR collaborator (João Lagoa), and afterwards an activity entitled “SOS Stranded Turtle” was carried out by the OMA collaborator (Maria Joana Cruz), during which the students learnt and collaborated in the procedure to follow when finding a stranded animal, and the whole process until its return to the sea.




During this action we were fortunate to have the presence and capture of images from ISPRA partners, who were in Faial collecting images for the development of the INDICIT project tutorial.

At the end of this action a small souvenir was offered to the participants (an INDICIT project bag).