On the 18th – 20th of May, INDICIT Project participated in the International Ocean Exhibition (FIMAR) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). FIMAR is one of the most important events in Gran Canaria, where there are more than 90 exhibitors and joined by nautical professionals and general public.

On Saturday 19th, Dra. Ana Liria–Loza presented the INDICIT project to general public and explained how sea turtles could be used as indicators of marine debris. In addition, attenders saw several examples of turtles entangled in marine debris observed in Canary Islands.


On Sunday, took place the first action of the #INDICITchallenge in Canary Islands, in collaboration with the European projects MISTIC SEAS II and MARCET. Kids created an artwork using bottle caps and learnt how marine debris affect sea turtles and other biota.


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