The Working Group on the Good Environmental Status (WG GES) of the European Commission invited INDICIT to participate in their meeting held in Brussels, Belgium last 22th March 2018.


Each member state of the Marine Strategy Framework (MSFD) and the Regional Sea Conventions (OSPAR, HELCOM, etc.) reported and discussed the follow-up work on GES for each of the 11 Descriptors of the MSFD at the Union level. The assembly underlined the issue of “Marine litter” as a priority. The progress of scientific programs to define the GES was acknowledged, also highlighting the need for solutions to decrease plastic pollution at seas.


Claude Miaud and Gaëlle Darmon, as representative of the INDICIT consortium, presented the results obtained after one year of study. Claude Miaud underlined the progress of the INDICIT program towards a first assessment of GES for the indicator “Litter ingested by sea turtles” and the potential of other indicators such as “entanglement and “micro-plastics”.


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