Françoise Claro (MNHN) and Cecilia Silvestri (ISPRA) represented INDICIT project at the 6th International Marine Debris Conference (6IMDC) in San Diego, California (March 12-16, 2018).


Françoise Claro from MNHN participated on March 14th to the session “Tools and Constraints in monitoring interactions between litter and megafauna”, aiming to monitor opportunities and challenges for major marine taxa from the view of using marine fauna as ecological indicators of ocean and ecosystem health. She shared the results of INDICIT’s feasibility study of an entanglement indicator in a presentation called “Is entanglement a relevant indicator of the impact of marine litter on biota?” The presentation is available here.


On March 15th, Cecilia Silvestri from ISPRA presented INDICIT project in the session “Policies, Other Initiatives And Technical Support Of The European Union Against Marine Debris” addressing the different EU legislative instruments and policy initiatives to combat marine litter. Her slideshow“Trends in the Amount and Composition of Litter Ingested by Sea Turtle: The Indict Project” can be found here.


You can find more information about the 6IMDC conference on their website.



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