Several environmentalist organizations called for the complete ban of microplastics in cosmetic products by 2019. The law proposal was given to the Italian Parliament on November 16. It defines microplastics as any particle of plastic measuring 5 mm or less, usually used for scrubs, dental pastes, soaps…

These particles are not blocked by purification systems and end up directly in the sea, where they are ingested by fauna. The UN Environment Frontiers 2016 report mentions microplastic pollution as one of the six global emerging issues of environmental concern.

The law proposal proposes to forbid production and selling of care products with microplastics from January 1st 2019 in Italy. Numerous countries already banned microplastics in cosmetics such as the United States, or more recently France where microplastics will be eliminated from January 1st 2018.


The feasibility study of an indicator of microplastic ingestion by fish will be an important output of INDICIT.


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