On 29 September 2017, INDICIT Portuguese partner FRCT (The Regional Fund for Science and Technology) disseminated informations about the project within the framework of the European Researchers’ Nightheld at Expolab – Centro de Ciência Viva, the Azores.

The European Researchers’ Night is an initiative funded by the European Commission, which takes place simultaneously in several institutions throughout Europe, with the main objective of celebrating science and bringing researchers closer to citizens in an informal, playful and educational way.

The European Researchers’ Night, which goes on its 12th edition, was held this year in 23 localities in Portugal, and in the Azores took place at EXPOLAB, also extending to NONAGON – Science and Technology Park of São Miguel island. The Regional Fund for Science and Technology was present at the event publicizing its activities, as well as presenting challenges to the youngest and public in general, in order to raise awareness of research activities and current European projects in the region.

This initiative was open to the general public, and integrated various activities, such as laboratories, workshops, exhibitions, astronomical observations, lectures and challenges, the event was attended by the Azores Science Centers and various regional institutions.

An information “flyer” about INDICIT, prepared by the FRCT for this occasion, was disseminated to the audience, and a funny INDICIT turtle photo spot was created for sensitize public about the impact of marine debris on marine life.


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