As part of a national training session on Marine turtles monitoring organized by the Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas (ONU-MAP- SPA/RAC) within the framework of the “conservation of sea turtles in the Mediterranean project” from 15th  to 18th August 2017 in Monastir, Tunisia, the laboratory of Marine Biodiversity of INSTM moderated the program of the 17th August with:
– A presentation of the INDICIT project and the problem of the plastic ingestion by the marine fauna,
– A training session on the techniques of necropsy and the collect of ingested debris in a stranded dead sea turtle at the INSTM sea turtle rescue center in Monastir. This training is in Line with the activities planned by the Marine Litter Med project.
Some thirty people were able to benefit from this training.


Presentation of INDICIT


Training session to necropsy, Monastir, Tunisia

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