An important part of INDICIT project aims at providing tools for technicians who will carry out the monitoring of marine debris ingested by sea turtles in Mediterranean and regional sea conventions areas. Since this work requires special technical skills and standardized protocols, national and international training sessions will take place throughout the project duration in the 7 countries participating to the project.

This first international training session, organized by ISPRA, welcomed 26 participants in the recent and perfectly equiped Marine Turtle Research Centre of Anton Dohrn marine station in Portici. Thanks to UNEP MAP MedPol Program and the regional activity center of Barcelona convention Special protected areas protocol, 6 stakeholders coming from Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Israel were able to attend the session.

The participants were invited to observe the necropsy and dissection of a digestive tract for the collection of debris ingested by a loggerhead turtle, as well as the different steps of collecting the debris from the oesophagus, stomach and intestines. Participants were then invited to perform some opera

tions on intestines and samples, and to classify and identify themselves all the types of debris, carrefully following the european monitoring protocol.


Training to autopsy a loggerhead sea turtle


Different types of items regularly found in sea turtle digestive tract




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