Presentation of the INDICIT program in France,

a way to generate synergies among the French stakeholders (NGOs, scientists, environmental structures, policy-makers…)

The INDICIT program was presented to the French stakeholders on this 7th June, 2017. This was the opportunity for biologists specialized in the study and the protection of sea turtles, birds or mammals, oceanographers, managers and policy-makers from associations, laboratories and natural parks to met and learn about each other areas of expertise and actions. Several current actions were presented, such as the mobile application for citizen participatory observations of marine fauna developed by the association Cybelle Planete, or the laboratories’ modeling works on litter spatial distribution. Discussions focused also on the local standardized procedures for alerting authorities in case of the finding of dead or live sea turtles as well as on the protocols for the collect of standardized data on litter impacts on marine fauna. This meeting allowed to meet a whole network of stakeholders and explore ways of possible collaborations to acquire knowledge on litter impacts on marine wildlife, particularly in terms of ingestion and entanglement, an important task to reach INDICIT objectives.


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