Two days of brainstorming work on the project management among supportive and motivated partners

The partners from France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Tunisia and Turkey, met in Brussels for the Kick-off-meeting and a first workshop on 9th and 10th February 2017.

Welcomed at the French Occitanie region’s Brussels premises, Claude Miaud and Gaëlle Darmon, from CNRS-France, coordinators of the project, invited the participants to agree on the actions to be carried out during the next 2 years. After a reminder of the administrative imperatives of the program by Chloé RICHARD, previous project manager of the project at the CNRS European Delegation, the participants presented their areas of expertise and their role for the achievement of the project objectives. The coordinators of each of the 5 Activities recalled the aim and the tasks to perform, guided by Michail PAPADOYANNAKIS, in charge of the project at the DG Env, who provided criticisms and advice to reach them.

Lobna BEN NAKHLA (Barcelona Convention Secretary, Marta PARDO DE VERA MARTINEZ-GIL (MAGRAMA, Spain), members of the External Advisory Board, and Christos IOAKEIMIDIS (MEDPOL / UN Environment / Mediterranean Action Plan Coordinating Unit), joined the participants the second day for the first INDICIT workshop in order to give advise for the collection of data and new knowledge in support of environmental policies. Thanks to two facilitators (Muele Todo et the Value web), all the participants drew up a list of actions to be carried out over the next 6 months in terms of data acquisition and of communication.

The next meeting among INDICIT partners will be held in Italy in July!

The partners of the INDICIT program at the Kick-off-meeting the 9th February 2017 in front of the buildings of the European Commission in Brussels, enthusiastic despite the cold!

(From left to right : Maria VALE (FRCT, Portugal), Luz PARAMIO (FRCT, Portugal), Marco SANTOS (DRAM, Portugal ; EAB member), Christopher PHAM (IMAR, Portugal),Ana LIRIA LOZA (ULPGC, Spain), Eleni KABERI (HCMR, Greece), Jesus TOMAS (UVEG, Spain), Catherine TSANGARIS (HCMR, Greece), Marco MATIDDI (ISPRA, Italy), Léa BRUNELLE (MNHN, France),Claude MIAUD (CNRS, France), Gaëlle DARMON (CNRS, France), Françoise CLARO (MNHN, France), Yakup Kaska (PAU-DEKAMER, Turkey), Andrea DE LUCIA (CNR-IAMC, Italy), Dogan SOZBILEN (PAU-DEKAMER, Turkey), Eyup BASKALE (PAU-DEKAMER, Turkey))

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