One of the missions of INDICIT is to collaborate with other programs with similar thematic for mutually benefiting from the acquired knowledge and developed methods.

Marco Matiddi (ISPRA, Italy), leader of Activity 4, spoke on behalf INDICIT at the launch meeting of the MEDCIS program, a DG Env project coordinated by Kalliopi Pagou (HCMR, Greece). The program, launched on the 1st of March 2017 for 2 years, bears its acronym from « Support Mediterranean Member States towards coherent and Coordinated Implementation of the second phase of the MSFD ». As INDICIT but with a focus on the Mediterranean sea, it aims at facilitating the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) by providing the criteria and methodological standards towards coordinated approaches among the regions. MEDCIS will take in consideration all MSFD Descriptors, highlighting on Biodiversity, Noise and Marine litter.

Marco presented the objectives of INDICIT and the articulation of its activities and tasks. A joint work and exchanges among the INDICIT partners and the 80 scientists from the 6 Mediterranean countries of MEDCIS, can be expected in the next 2 years!



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